Sons of Korah

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Hi :)

I'm just wondering where these can be purchased with US funds?

The cd's......not *the sons* ::giggle::
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Family Christian Bookstores carries their music in the USA. At least they were the only ones a few months ago.
Okay, thanks! I searched Family Christian and they only showed one title...and NOT the ones recommended below.

We sure have enjoyed listening to them on Youtube. do I get that to US funds? LOL! When I go to the website, it says Australian funds.

I clicked "Buy" from the front page. The first listing is Australian (alpha listing), followed by New Zealand and North America, etc. Here are the listings I see: North American customers

Family Christian Stores
Garden of Readin'
Grace Books International Sun Valley CA
Loving Truth Books and Gifts, Martinsburg, WV

All are live links, so you should be able to go directly to each vendor. Let me know if this works for you...
I got them from Grace Books Int'l (shown above) and besides laying ahold of them, was happy to support John McArthur's ministry!
The easiest way is to use I-Tunes and download them onto your own blank CDs. That's what I did. It's instant gratification. :)
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