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Hello everyone,

I was thinking about the relationship between Christian duty and body care.

Does anyone have any resources on the Puritans talking about this subject?
In my limited readings of the Puritans, they do not think of "body care" the same way we do. For them, it seems, body care was only considered only to the point that it allowed for the most spiritual care. For instance, the Puritans would consider a meager diet, or regular food, not "delicacies," as proper; and would shun any thought of gluttony, even in the spirit of muscular growth. They would consider anything over 6-8 hours of sleep sluggardish; and would often consider losing sleep to pray, read, meditate, etc. as more beneficial than the sleep itself.

You might also want to look into Edmund Calamy's "The Doctrine of the Bodies Fragility."
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The 17th century Minister (& divine of the Westminster Assembly) wrote a helpful book entitled ‘The Christians Daily Walk’. There are helpful directions contained therein, particularly ch3.

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