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I would like to get Thomas Goodwin's works and I know Reformation Heritage has an edition available, but in paperback. Sovereign Grace Publishers has a hardback edition listed on their website.

Has anyone had experience with their products? Specifically, quality of the editions with respect to layout, readability, indexing and faithfulness of the text.

Thanks for any input,
I can't speak to the quality of the hardback set as I've not seen it. But I think it was Dr. Trueman and/or others that noted the 19th century edition of G's works upon which these are likely reprints, is pretty unfaithful to the original editions, and they recommend working with the originals as far as scholarly work. But for general reading there's not much of a choice, so that concern may be immaterial.
Or maybe everything I just said was about Owen's works; I just read where Trueman calls the Nichols edition of Goodwin superior to the original collection of works, never mind. :)
Before you get anything from SGP you should check out and ask questions about binding also. Is it glued or sewn or printed on demand, etc. I had a nice set that some company did back in the 90's but can't remember the publisher.
Funny you should mention it,just ordered,"The Cause of God and Truth" by John Gill just an hour ago,I very excited to dig in,I own two other SGP titles,"The Interlinear New Testament" by Jay Green and "Absolute Predestination" by Jerome Zanchius,I have noticed the titles I have owned and seen,are well made (sewn),some of the older titles have poor, what i think is called typesetting,where it's either a decent facsimile,or just an amateur looking print job,I like their products anyway and I'm thankful that SGP prints some titles that you could not get anywhere else,just be aware most of thier titles do not have the look of the modern reprints that most of the other houses do.
BTW, my children knew Sr. as Grandpa Jay. I know the set is glued if I remember correctly. All of the blue Cover books are glued.

That does look tempting. However, I am not immediately ready to purchase - still saving some cash and looking the options over. I might even consider the Logos edition which can be purchased by the volume.

I keep having that electronic vs print debate and really wish I could settle that one permanently. Reduced physical space would be nice but the aesthetic appeal of print books can't be matched.

Thanks for info.
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