Spamming Phone calls?

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Hey guys does anyone else get annoying calls? For a few years now I have been getting calls on my mobile about my friend who supposedly owes money and charges will be or are filled. It used to be a bunch of thick Indian accented people but now it's Americans and sometimes their phone numbers show up, one was even in my area (they seem so professional too)....So is anyone else bugged by these things?
Just wondering as I got another call today

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I find this so irritating as some days I receive as many as 10 calls for political or just nonsense reasons.

Rich Koster

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My bride gets quite a few nonsense calls. This is because the previous owner of the phone number was a painter. He seems to have some unfinished business and some people are trying to get in touch with him. This has been going on for about 2 years now. She just tells them he no longer has this number and bids them farewell.


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Those phone spammers have been getting more and more sophisticated. They sometimes are in the US or Canada, and sometimes, they just managed to route the call through a North American number, making it look like a legit call.

I live it a small community called Irishtown. (population smaller than a big family), and not far from where I live is a place called Saint Antoine. A town with maybe 2000 people living in a 5 mile radius. I had a call with the local exchange from that town.....needless to say, I picked up the call thinking it was wasn't.
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