Spell checker for Puritan Board

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Scott Bushey

Puritanboard Commissioner
Here is an excellent free ware prog that I downloaded recently. It interfaces w/ Internet explorer and can be efficiently used to spell check your posts prior to posting.

matt and I were investigating a spell checker for the board. This will work fine!!

Check it ooot. I mean "out".

Go here: http://www.iespell.com/


Vanilla Westminsterian
Staff member
Would this just be an automatic add-in? Or would everyone need to use this separately?

I say go for it!

Scott Bushey

Puritanboard Commissioner
The way it works is that you highlight your post and click the abc icon in your IE taskbar.

It is shareware, so individually it must be downloaded to your hardrive.

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Puritan Board Sophomore
Cpl. Sean O'Bouncy and his dad thank you.

:bouncing::irishpipe:.....Go raibh maith agat

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