Spotted a copy of Burroughs on Hosea for sale

Discussion in 'Puritan Literature' started by Wayne, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Tempus faciendi, Domine.

    I just noticed today that there is copy of Burroughs' commentary on Hosea for sale over on eBay:


    I have no connection with the seller; just pointing out a great commentary -- 698 folio pages of small print!

    But the price...the price! Seller is asking $175.00. Ouch!

    Kind of reminds me of the guy who owned the Gwynedd Valley Bookstore, north of Philadelphia, back in the 1970s.

    His motto was :

    "Our books are priced such that, when you need it, it's there on the shelf."
  2. Andres

    Andres Puritan Board Doctor

    hmmm...$34 or $175?
  3. Wayne

    Wayne Tempus faciendi, Domine.

    The hardback format is always preferable for any folio-sized volume.

    And yes, the $52.00 option that Lee pointed out is a hardback (SDG, 1989). Good find!
  4. LeeD

    LeeD Puritan Board Freshman

    Thanks....I own the paperback version ($34 one) personally. I agree the hardback is preferred but I do like the big paperback version pretty well.
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