Star Wars is over, Lord of the Rings is told

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Jerusalem Blade

Puritan Board Post-Graduate

Star Wars
is over, Lord of the Rings is told,
and if there are no more glorious fictions
we may dwell in, how shall we live, how triumph
over the evil, multifarious death,
and bleak ennui – all of which crush our spirits?

Now is the time for another Story
– and the trick of it is in the telling –
for if it does not grab the interest
it won’t matter that it’s true, and is real;
it must surpass the best of tales we know!

Fact is, that Story’s already been told well
– is known worldwide – though many deny it’s real:
there is supreme a being outside our world
who made us, and when we failed, he ransomed us
at cost so high it is far beyond knowing.

A Great And Terrible Love one substory,
of an occultist-poet in the abyss
of the human heart, and a warrior-priest
he was, who survived by the love of woman
until he found – was found by – a greater love.

There is a realm of consciousness we intuit –
in this realm are many beings, with fell weapons,
though most of us are lulled like sheep to the slaughter
by mind-spells spun by scientists deceived, darkened
tools who say we are but computers made of meat…

tools of those in whose interest it is
to destroy us – all of human kind –
and they will in large measure succeed
save for you who understand and see
into this great and terrible love.

One day, several thousand years ago,
in this galaxy, on this very globe,
an ancient human man saw a vision
and began the adventure we are in,
which has impacted our own times on earth.

Unlikely that old Hebrew seer saw all this,
but he saw the Captain of the light-bearers
who lived even then, and now, and without end,
for such is the power of our friend this king,
who conquered death on the very turf of death.

Even as the Jedi were maligned and reviled
so is the word out against those called light-bearers
(and some, it is so, are stunted in their being)
but others walk true, and clean, and wield lightning swords
against amazing foes, calling you to join them.

In this Story there are kings, demons,
there are resurrections from the dead,
there is a never-ending kingdom,
and the tale more wondrous than Matrix,
a better story, better ending.​


Puritan Board Junior
I don' know what Star Wars is, but I know and am persuaded that the gospel is the greatest
real story ever told. The sword of the Spirit and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
and can overcome all the computerised instruments of death forged by sinfull men and the
powers of darkness. The captain of our salvation is victorious and lives after the power of an
endless life. Keep musing Steve, I like some of your insights.

Jerusalem Blade

Puritan Board Post-Graduate
Thanks, Jeff! Star Wars is a very popular science-fiction space-travel movie series—a saga over many generations—involving a galactic contest between good and evil, and which has captured the imaginations of many souls, both old and young.

On top of that, May fourth has been hyped up as Star Wars Day by various groups, so I thought I'd put in my two cents. (I also have loved the extended Star Wars series, but the true story of Earth, and that Story of the Champion who saves the human race on it, and then renews that world to a divine splendor, this has my first and utter loyalty.)
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