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I usually don't read stuff like this, but this article popped up on an RSS feed to my gmail account, so I read it.

I'll post a few statistics from the article:

59 percent of Protestant teens (13-17) report regular church attendance, meaning they attend church at least 1-3 times per month

In Baptist life, 3x/month isn't 'regular attendance' even..

only 55 percent of Protestant teens believe in life after death


90 percent of Protestant teens say they believe in God


69 percent of Protestant teens say they have made "a personal commitment to live for God"

only 32 percent read the Bible once a week or more

19 percent report having had sexual intercourse in the last year

63 percent of Protestant teens report cheating in school compared to only 58 percent of all teens and 41 percent say that morals are relative - that "there are no definite rights or wrongs for everybody."

Should I just stop reading reports, or is this still a shock to us?

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Just maybe the protestant kids are a little more honest with their fessing up to mischief and deceit, tightly crossed fingers however.

Not to be vulgar but it reminds me of that old saying involving teenage boys and um...exploring themselves, supposedly 95% said they do and the other five percent are lying.

I think it is safe to say for now that a good portion of who they polled are not yet regenerated if they will be at all.
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