Stornoway By Air

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Why is Scotland so beautiful by default? I feel like I need to travel very far to see this kind of beauty in the United States.


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Thanks. Flatter than I would have guessed. I had always imagined terrain more like the Maine coast.


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That's the town, Stornoway, which is fairly flat. However, there are areas on the Island, which are quite the opposite. You'll have to visit to find out!


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Thank you for sharing this! I visited Lewis about 15 years ago, for 10 days, with a classmate who had distant cousins there (we were both studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh at the time). We arrived in Stornoway by ferry. I still remember the Island vividly and have always longed to go back.


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Beautiful! My family is from the Lake District of England and I've wanted to visit there and go north into Scotland.


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Nice! I did my last year of Univ at St Andrews and was able to travel around a bit. We honeymooned in Scotland with a week in Orkney. So beautiful.
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