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I've been mulling over in my mind for the last few days a good format to suggest for something like this, but I can't think of the ideal: so I'll just give the rough idea.

There are those topics which are discussed over and over again here at the board; and when they do come up, often someone who has seen it done before will kindly post links to threads in which they thought the matter was discussed beneficially. I'm wondering if there's a way to simply that. Even though the rules indeed suggest that private "searches" are done before starting a thread, they still keep coming up. Could we perhaps make a databases of topics (i.e., supralapsarian/infralapsarian, particular atonement, head coverings, psalmody, baptism, etc.) which includes two or three choice threads on each subject (which the mods or admins feel adequately address key points of the issues in a learned and informative way; and perhaps one thread where one position "holds the day," and another wherein the other "wins") which will be right up front and ready for people who have questions on these topics, and perhaps either aren't adept with the search function, or simply don't have time to sort through hundreds of threads looking for a good one?

If this is deemed a beneficial or helpful idea, I'm willing to do the leg work on it -- compile a list of topics, and bring forth thread suggestions on each for mods or admins to take into consideration.

Just a thought.

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One further note: I think that something like this could also be more useful if it is a public feature of the board; I think it could be a good resource for non-members if they could visit this website, and find a few good, solid discussions of certain issues.
I don't really have a way to add a dB feature as suggested. It's not a bad idea but I don't know how to integrate it. We could find the best threads in each forum and create a Sticky post within each forum to the effect of: These are the best threads...

I had wondered about it from the technical end, and what the framework of the forum actually allowed you to do. I had thought about the "sticky" thing, but I think there would be way too many: if within the worship forum, you have two or three threads each on psalmody, instruments, head-coverings, RPW, etc, that would be a lot of stickies...

One of the alternative ways I had thought of working it in was to have a new forum, called "Introductions to Topics" or some such thing; and have basically a one-post thread for each topic which provides a couple of links to past threads. Each thread could be closed, but moderators could add new links to the post if a particularly good treatment of the topic arises.

Again, just throwing out some ideas.
Maybe maintain in excel and periodically paste in a Word file? If attachments would include xls files that would be better but I kept getting invalid error. So that leaves Word maybe? Of course thee is a file size limitation which will nix any large DB pretty quickly.
I think a Sticky in one place, entitled "Most commonly Discussed Topics" and then an aplhabetical list of the topics with thread links is easiest. Put it in the FAQ and Rules forum.

My :2cents:
Fred, I really like the idea; practically speaking, however, I'm not sure anyone would actually see it. I probably wouldn't even think of looking there to find a list of past threads.

Chris, That's another good idea. The smallness of the file would at least be good motivation to only pick the best threads. Again, though, where could such a file be placed so as to be apparent that it exists and should be consulted?

I like both of these ideas.
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