Suggestions for Bible study books for a women's group?

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A woman in our church ask and it was not something that I had ready answers come to mind. Suggestions?
She is "looking for bible study books for the women's bible study that actually study the bible. Reformed theologically." Does not have to be specifically written by women or for women. "Just good, solid, bible studies. Not too heady."
Jon Nielson has done a series of 13-week studies that go alongside the REC series of commentaries. New Growth Press also has a series of Bible studies by various authors (The Gospel Centered Life in the Bible), to which I contributed Jonah and Ezra-Nehemiah. Nancy Guthrie also has a wealth of excellent Bible Studies.
I'm a fan of John Stott's bible studies. They're well done and approachable. Concise but thoughtful. Our women's ministry has used them for studies before.

Katleen Nielsen who I believe is Jon’s wife.
Kathleen is the wife of Niel Nielson, former president of Covenant College.
I second the Nancy Guthrie recommendation. Our ladies group did her study, “Son of David” and it was wonderful!
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