Suggestions on good preachers/sermons

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Biographies By Title - Desiring God

John Piper biographies. Not sermons, but my favorite all time series. We've given them away to countless people who have greatly benefited. All free downloads. Loaded with church history, doctrine, and life lessons.

The Frank and Manly Mr. Ryle” — The Value of a Masculine Ministry
God, Manhood & Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ

Always Singing One Note—A Vernacular Bible
Why William Tyndale Lived and Died

Brothers, We Must Not Mind a Little Suffering
Meditations on the Life of Charles Simeon

Charles Spurgeon: Preaching Through Adversity

The Chief Design of My Life: Mortification and Universal Holiness
Reflections on the Life and Thought of John Owen

Contending for Our All
The Life and Ministry of Athanasius

The Divine Majesty of the Word
John Calvin: The Man and His Preaching

Evangelist Bill Piper: Fundamentalist Full of Grace and Joy

George Mueller's Strategy for Showing God
Simplicity of Faith, Sacred Scripture, and Satisfaction in God

He Kissed the Rose and Felt the Thorn: Living and Dying in the Morning of Life
Meditations on the Life of Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Holy Faith, Worthy Gospel, World Vision
Andrew Fuller’s Broadsides Against Sandemanianism, Hyper-Calvinism, and Global Unbelief

How Few There Are Who Die So Hard!
Suffering and Success in the Life of Adoniram Judson: The Cost of Bringing Christ to Burma

“I Will Not Be a Velvet-Mouthed Preacher!”
The Life and Ministry of George Whitefield: Living and Preaching As Though God Were Real (Because He Is)

Insanity and Spiritual Songs in the Soul of a Saint
Reflections on the Life of William Cowper

J. Gresham Machen's Response to Modernism

John Newton: The Tough Roots of His Habitual Tenderness

Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul
Learning from the Mind and Heart of C. S. Lewis

Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor

Oh, That I May Never Loiter On My Heavenly Journey!
Reflections on the Life and Ministry of David Brainerd

A Passion for Christ-Exalting Power
Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Need for Revival and Baptism with the Holy Spirit

The Pastor as Theologian
Life and Ministry of Jonathan Edwards

Peculiar Doctrines, Public Morals, and the Political Welfare
Reflections on the Life and Labor of William Wilberforce

Saying Beautifully As a Way of Seeing Beauty: The Life of George Herbert and His Poetic Effort
The Pastor, His Words, and His God

The Swan Is Not Silent
Sovereign Joy in the Life and Thought of St. Augustine

To Live Upon God that Is Invisible
Suffering and Service in the Life of John Bunyan

You Will Be Eaten by Cannibals! Lessons from the Life of John G. Paton
Courage in the Cause of Missions


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Tim Keller has several issues theologically. That said he is a tremendous preacher and many of his sermons are very edifying, and can be very pastoral.

I say this as someone who is pretty far on the conservative end theologically. :)

Certainly as a Presbyterian I'd recommend him far before Piper :)

I'm shocked nobody has mentioned Tim Keller yet.
I'm not. But since I've thought he'd be a better fit in the EPC, I can understand your question.
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