Swaying in the Treetops

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I bought this book (Kindle edition) on New Years Day and had it finished by the next day. It is a phenomenal read. Here's my Amazon review and link below.

Swaying in the Treetops is the true story of one family’s decision to live according to God’s calling; to rescue orphans from hopelessness, and in some cases certain death, and provide a home where they can thrive in safety and experience the love of God in tangible ways. In doing so, the Rosenows are learning to trust God’s love, his provision, and his plan. Here they offer us a glimpse of what that looks like so that we might be encouraged in our own callings.

This is not a book about adoption, although adoption figures prominently in it. It is not a primer on practical theology, but it will show how theology informs our practice. No instructions are offered to show us proper Christian living, but there are lessons to be learned. Although it’s not a novel, its narrative is just as engaging and riveting as any bestselling work of fiction in stores now. The writing style offers great readability that is a hallmark of lighter fare. But make no mistake, there is a weightiness that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

There are many things this book is not, but one of the things it should be is near the top of every 2016 reading list.


The Authors, Scott and Kathy Rosenow, are friends and fellow church members. I have been privileged to know them and witness the amazing work they have done through their orphan ministry, The Shepherd's Crook. The book is worthy of your consideration, and the ministry is worthy of your prayers and support.

Here's a couple more links for more info.

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