Systematic Theology by Robert Duncan Culver

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Has anyone read Systematic Theology by Robert Duncan Culver ? Reviews or thoughts ?

I have it, and have dipped into it, but I haven't read enough to really be able to evaluate it. It's pretty huge - 18 pages of introductory matter, 1,156 pages of text, and 101 pages of back matter (indexes, etc.). Also, the print's fairly small, so that, over all, there's a lot of text.

Culver, by the way, was born in July, 1916, so he'll be 91 next month. His AB degree is from Heidelberg College, and his other degrees are all from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana: Diploma (1942), BD (1945), Th.M (1947), and Th.D (1952).

Here is a typical passage (chosen completely at random) where he denotes the practical benefits of God's omnipresence:

The presence of God is beneficial for devotion - we can never be in any place where God is not present to hear our prayer and ready to receive our worship (Ps. 139:7-10). It is also beneficial for assurance - we can never be physically or geographically beyond God's help, for He is present whether in a prison (as with Joseph, Gen. 39-40), in a den of lions (as with Daniel, Dan. 6), or in an emperor's presence (as with Nehemiah, Neh. 1). According to Psalm 107, God is present to help when lost in the desert (4-9), when in prison (10-16), when on a sickbed (17-22) and when in storms at sea (24-30). The presence of God is also beneficial as a warning against disobedience to God and attempted flight from Him, both to the believer (the book of Jonah, esp. 1:1-3) and to the unbeliever (Amos 9:1-4).

Incidentally, Systematic Theology: Biblical and Historical was published in 2005, when Culver was a mere child of 89 (!), and is his 14th book. As I said, I haven't read it thoroughly. However, since he was trained at Grace Seminary, I would assume that he comes at theology from a dispensational standpoint.
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