Systematic Theology - Robert Duncan Culver

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I really like Robert Reymonds, there are a couple of issues with it that I can't remember right now, I have not read the whole thing, and I am sure someone on here will let you know what they are but it is a nice one volume. If you want something a bit more wordy, Bavink is great. I have Culvers in Logos but have not gotten into it yet. I am intrigued it seems to be a Biblical and Systematic Theology.


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Culver is great. It's the main one I've been using lately. I've been grabbing it before I grab Reymond or Grudem. He does a good job at brining the historical aspest into the doctrine. It is like a mix of oden, Grudem and Reymond. Oden because he is historical, Reymond because he goes indepth and Grudem because he covers an array of subjects.

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I'm pretty sure that Culver is a dispensationalist, but I could be wrong. I had his son (who has since gone to glory) as an OT/Hebrew professor in seminary, and I received a Hebrew grammar award named for the prof's mother (R.D. Culver's wife). I'm kinda partial to the Culver family. :)
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