The Art of Divine Meditation by Edmund Calamy (1600-1666)

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  1. C. Matthew McMahon

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    The Art of Divine Meditation by Edmund Calamy (1600-1666)

    Edmund Calamy (1600-1666) was a Reformed Presbyterian preacher of the Gospel and one of the distinguished members of the Westminster Assembly. He was active to promote Reformed Theology in his day and was an eminent scholar of the Bible.

    In this wonderful treatise on godly meditation, Calamy shows that meditation on holy and heavenly things is a work that God requires at the hands of all His people. God requires Christians to pray, read Scripture, study and also requires them to meditate. God requires them to hear sermons, and still, requires them to meditate on the sermons they hear. What good is learning anything without chewing and thinking about it? Yet, there are few Christians who believe this doctrine, and it is all but lost today. In contrast, meditation is to be a regular part of the daily private devotions of the Christian.

    Meditation cultivates seriousness in the Christian for life and godliness. The highest seriousness makes the best scholar, and consequently, the best Christian. This is a searching and scanning, a deep dive into the things of God. Calamy teaches that meditating on godly truth is not something done once and forgotten; it is something done regularly and daily. It places the mind and will under the influence of the Spirit, and it helps them to avoid sin and glorify Christ.

    Serious thinking is fundamental to all right doing before Jesus Christ. One cannot be subject to Christ if one does not know or understand the will of Christ. To meditate in a godly manner, then, is to think like a Christian.

    This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

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    I have meant to ask you for some time about the amount of editing that you implement into these publications. Do you ever abridge anything? What sort of updating to the language do you do? There are quite a few of your books on my list. Thanks.
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  4. C. Matthew McMahon

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    "We have over 260 updated puritan and reformed books in our publishing list. Our books come in two formats – printed as well as ebooks." Since, "many readers find these old works hard to understand, Puritan Publications overcomes that difficulty by offering Reformed and Puritan books that are not generally long (under 200 pages most of the time), and carefully edited with modern readers in mind. We take time to update the difficult language of the Reformation and Puritanism without losing the intention of the original authors."

    About 98% of the books I do are individual treatises in their entirety (like this one by Calamy) gently updated in modern English.

    2% are selected as abridged. The general reason I'd do an abridged work is that no one (very few) will actually read the longer work, and its too time consuming as well as not cost effective for me to publish a 1000 page work. But its far and few between that I abridge anything.
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    For those interested in the Printed Book, (or any of the printed works I have) there is a 10% off coupon until the 12th.
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