The Bruised Reed- out of context?

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Is Richard Sibbes famous work based upon an out of context passage?
I read an article( that I will have to post later because my browser, or perhaps this site, only posts the domain rather the full URL) that says the bruised reeds have more to do with concealing Christ to the people.
The point is this: When Isaiah speaks of the bruised reed, he is not using it as an allegory of ministry to hurting people. He is using it as a word picture to describe the quiet and unobtrusive machinations of Yahweh’s servant establishing justice. This servant keeps such a low profile that, as he passes through the marshes, not even bruised reeds will break off. Not a twig will snap. His draft won’t have enough force to blow out even a smoldering wick. And this unpretentious strategy will not last forever. The time will come for him to eventually beat his chest, get everyone’s attention, and just get the job done.
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I don't buy that. In fact I've never heard of that kind of interpretation on the passage. It sounds to me like so much of what I'm seeing today, people in ministry trying to put some kind of new spin on Scripture. No, the text is about Christ dealing gently with bruised reeds, for sure.


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I don't find it convincing either; crushed reeds show up also Isa 36:6//2 Kings 18:21, where they refer to unstable supports for walking (compare Ezek 29:6). And extinguishing a smoldering wick sounds much more like deliberately putting out a flame than accidentally blowing it out with your draft (cf Isa 43:17, where the mighty man and the army are extinguished like a wick by the Lord's power).
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