The calendar here only goes to 2009? And is events button a place you can add things?

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Hello Puritan board,
I went to the calendar here, it was the top link next to FAQ, and wanted to add this:

a conference in Seattle area, for FIRE - Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals, and the calendar only "went" to 2009.... can it be updated?
Where is a good place to post events? The events button just brought me to a page that said "there are no events" but didnt see if I could add one there either...

Feelin a little lost on where to post it, or best place, thanks
I'll forward this to Rich. It seems the events feature is broken. It has been little used I suspect which is why it went unnoticed.
Thank you, and even the calendar itself beside the events tab. So that in the future people can put something for future dates, thank you so much for passing this on to the right people!

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