The Day the Earth Stood Still

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by jfschultz, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. jfschultz

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    About the only things in common between the 1951 and 2008 versions of The Day the Earth Stood Still were the names of some of the characters and some plot elements. In both Klaatu arrives in a space ship with a message for world leaders and is shot soon his arrival.

    Like most recent SciFi movies, the 2008 edition is filled with special effects. But it lacks the finesse of how Klaatu deals with those around him and demonstrates his capabilities in making the Earth stand still. Such a contrast extends to Helen Benson. Mrs Benson displayed courage in working with Klaatu and facing Gort to deliver the key phrase "Klaatu barada nikto." In the new version Dr. Benson if left with a pathetic plea that “we can change.”

    If you want special effects see the new version. But for a better story rent or buy the B&W 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  2. Staphlobob

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    "Klaatu barada nikto." Bruce Campbell said it best.:)
  3. LawrenceU

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    And, I thought I was going to read a review about a movie covering a part of Israel's conquest of Canaan. :)
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    My wife and I saw this one last week. Not much of a movie, but with it being our first date in 7 months (coincidently we have a 7 month old) we weren't complaining!
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