The Green Bible

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Oh, brother...

You've all seen Bibles where Christ's words are in red, right? Well, now there's a "green Bible," that is, a Bible that's supposed to make its readers environmentally friendly.

The translation is the NRSV. And, wherever in the Bible there are texts that speak to things of the physical world, or allude to them, or allude to anything like man's responsibility to be environmentally aware, the text is printed in green ink. So, pretty much all of Genesis 1-2 is in green, for example.

There's also a forward by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. And margin slogans like, "Jesus is coming! Plant a tree!"

Published by HarperCollins, I think.



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Mark.7:7&8."Howbiet in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
For laying aside the commandment of God , ye hold the tradition of men,as the washing of pots and cups:and many other such things ye do".

Phil Fourie

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This is worshipping and giving glory to nature and not God, placing that wich refers to nature on the same level as the words of Christ. It is an old New Age thing, trying us to get more in touch with Mother Nature or the god of the New Age Movement Gaia

E Nomine

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I see this on the shelf in the "Christianity" section of every local bookstore. I don't know whether people are buying it, but (anecdotally) stores are certainly stocking it.


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It should really be the TNIV

That would be a different marketing niche. The NRSV crowd will LOVE this effort. Of course, nobody will really read it anyway, it is merely the cache of saying "I have a Green Bible."
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