The heavenly temple


Puritan Board Sophomore
We've been going through Dr. Godfrey's videos on Revelation in Sunday school. Something that struck me (that he hasn't really touched on) is that there is a temple in heaven. The below verses discuss lightning, etc. coming from it and angels coming and going from it to carry out their business.

Rev. 11:19
Rev. 14:15
Rev. 14:17
Rev. 16:1
Rev. 16:17

I've somewhat assumed that angels interact with God freely in heaven, but it made me think of Matt. 18:10 in which Jesus suggests only certain angels see God face to face. There is a temple in heaven just like there was on earth - to have a sacramental dwelling place for God and to distinguish between the holiness of God and his creatures.

We came to Rev. 21:22 which states the new Jerusalem will not have a temple which, not only do we look forward to, but I'm sure angels do as well.


Puritan Board Freshman
Very interesting observation particularly with respect to the angles themselves longing for the temple-less New Jerusalem.