The Historical Account of the Reformation in Detail

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
The Reformation is the Greatest revival in Christian History second only to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in His incarnation.

I have finished a 21 lesson journey through the reformation in MP3 format.

Lessons include:

Lesson 1 - State of Europe before the Reformation
Lesson 2 - The Youth, Conversion and Early Labors of Luther (1488-1517)
Lesson 3 - The Indulgences and the Theses (1517-May, 1518)
Lesson 4 - Luther Before the Legate (May to December 1518)
Lesson 5 - The Leipsic Disputation (1519)
Lesson 6 - The Papal Bull (1520)
Lesson 7 - The Diet of Worms (1521, January to May)
Lesson 8 - The Swiss (1484-1522)
Lesson 9 - First Reforms (1521-1522)
Lesson 10 - Agitation, Reverses and Progress (1522-1526)
Lesson 11 - Switzerland - Germany (1523-1527)
Lesson 12 - The French (1500-1526)
Lesson 13 - The Protest and the Conference (1526-1529)
Lesson 14 - The Augsburg Confession (1530)
Lesson 15 - Switzerland - Conquests (1526-1530)
Lesson 16 - Switzerland - Catastrophe (1528-1531)
Lesson 17 - England Before the Reformation
Lesson 18 - The Revival of the Church
Lesson 19 - The English New Testament and the court of Rome
Lesson 20 - The Two Divorces
Lesson 21 - John Calvin

To find out more go here:


Puritan Board Freshman
First lectures on the Sabbath, now on the Reformation? How much are you out to get me Matt?

No, seriously though, I appreciate it. I'll probably order this one too, as a history major you can imagine why.

C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
As much as I can!

Next series is on the Eschatological Mastery of the World - oooooooo - sounds mysterious eh? :detective:

Then I think I will do one on the doctrines of grace....not sure though. :pilgrim:

Reena Wilms

Puritan Board Freshman
Dear Math,

Iam waiting for you studies on infant baptism, esspecially after all the objections that are discussed at this board!


C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
That will happen as an addendum to the CT series, but that may be a little while since that series was for church. Maybe I will pick it up again later.
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