"The History of Anglican Theology" by J. I. Packer

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J. I. Packer's (1926-2020) last book, The Heritage of Anglican Theology, is supposed to drop next Tuesday, May 11. It's 384 pages. I'm looking forward to it.

Since Dr. Packer was unable to write his long-awaited systematic theology due to failing eyesight, I'm hoping that there will be a detailed explanation in the book as to exactly how this book came to be. Is it a written-from-scratch book? Is it a selection of previously published or unpublished essays that have been brought together? In either case, did Dr. Packer write/put together the book himself or is this book a project of the publisher? If it is a written-from-scratch book, when was it written, considering his failing eyesight in his last years? Inquiring minds want to know!

In any case, I know I'll enjoy it, just as I have enjoyed other books of his that I've read.

UPDATE 1: I got the title of the book wrong in the title of this thread. It's correct in the text of the post.

UPDATE 2: May 11th came and went. No book yet.

UPDATE 3: New publication date - June 15. Let's hope they mean it this time.
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