The History of the Church in the USA - New Learning Chart

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I've been working for some time in forming a chart that deals with the church in the USA since the time of the Reformation.

It's a compilation from a number of different charts that I've seen, but organizaed much better, and it adds in left out groups like the Founders Movement, reformed Baptists and other denominations not necessisarily mainstream.

This is not a theological chart perse. It is a history chart. So I was forced to add in things like Calvary Chapel, Assemblies of God, etc.

It's giganitc - poster size, but easily can be navigated via Acrobat in its PDF form.

Where did your church come from? :detective:

Theological and Historical Charts
It does look impressive and helpful! However, did you mean to indicate your affection for it by saying that it was "a hug endeavor"? :D
A hug endeavor. :hug: Yes. I love the church no matter how sin might affect it! (Good recovery eh?)

The charts are in PDF files. I used to, but don't now, have the equipment to print out these giant charts. So we're succubing to the electronic age and will view things largely on our computers and carry them on flash drives. :calvin: Calvin would have done that too.
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