The inerrancy of scripture (John Ball)

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
This blessed word of God is free from all, even the least stain of folly, error, falsehood, or injustice, Psal. 119. 138. 140. Prov. 30. 5. Joh. 17. 17. all things being laid down holily and truly, both for substance, circumstance, and manner of speaking. Psal. 51. 1. Matth. 1. 25.

John Ball, A short treatise: containing all the principal grounds of Christian religion. By way of questions and answers: very profitable for all sorts of men, but especially for householders (London: William Welby, 1617), p. 34.

J.L. Allen

Puritan Board Sophomore
Kept pure in all ages! Isn't our God gracious to us to not only give us His word but to keep it pure from any stain of error? Praise the LORD.