The knife which killed her husband!

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The knife which killed her husband!

(Thomas Watson, "The Ten Commandments")

The Lord's Supper is the looking-glass in which we see
Him whom our souls love; it is the chariot by which we
are carried up to Christ. God has appointed the Lord's
Supper to cheer and revive our sad hearts. When we
look on our sins--we have cause to mourn; but when
we see Christ's blood shed for our sins--we rejoice!

In the Lord's Supper our spiritual needs are supplied,
our strength is renewed; there we meet with Christ
--and He says to us, "All I have is yours! My love is
yours, to pity you! My mercy is yours, to save you!"
Christ's blood is the key which opens heaven--else
we had all been shut out!

The end of the Lord's Supper, is to work in us an
endeared love to Christ. When Christ bleeds for us,
well may we say, "Behold how He loved us!" That
is a heart of stone--which Christ's love will not melt!

Another end of the Lord's Supper is the mortifying of
corruption. To see Christ crucified for us--is a means
to crucify sin in us. How can a wife endure to see the
knife which killed her husband! How can we endure
those sins--which made Christ veil His glory and shed
His blood! Sin has rent the white robe of Christ's flesh,
and dyed it of a crimson color. The thoughts of this
should make us seek to be avenged on our sins!
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