The maker and preserver of all things (William Beveridge)

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
And thus hath he manifested himself to be a God of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness, by being the maker and preserver of all things; that is, ill that there is nothing in the world besides himself, that was not made and is not preserved by himself. The angels above us, the devils below us, the world about us, the souls within us, are all the workmanship of his hands.

William Beveridge, Ecclesia Anglicana Ecclesia Catholica; or, The Doctrine of the Church of England Consonant to Scripture, Reason, and Fathers: In a Discourse upon the Thirty-Nine Articles Agreed upon in the Convocation held at London MDLXII in The Theological Works of William Beveridge, D.D. (12 vols, Oxford: John Henry Parker, 1842-48), 7: 45-46.