The new Sony PSP Impressions

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Ok guys, just got back and played mine for a while.


I mean this thing is just amazing in my opinion. They seemed to have covered everything in regard to features. From sweet headphones to a memory stick to save on, and cool cloth to clean your easily fingerprinted screen the package comes with everything you'll need.

On the PSP it's self you have sound features, display features, Wifi features, auto save features, and of course picture settings, music settings, movie playback settings, etc. I messed with all of this for 45 minutes!

I sold my XB for 100 bucks today and traded in ALL my games for a total of 276 bucks so I went to Gamestop with nearly 400 dollars. (I got my 20 back from EB when they said I would have to wait for the second shipment after PROMISING me a PSP today when I reserved it). I got mine at Sears. They had about 15-20 of them that included the Spiderman 2 movie so I got that as well!

First thing I did was sit down with a slice of Pizza and pop in the movie. I was instantly impressed.

The games I got:

-Untold Legends
-NFL Street 2
-Ridge Racer
-Wipe Out

I enjoy them all so far, very much. They look absolutely stunning. This does indeed compare very nicely to PS2 graphics, no doubt about that.

The fact that I can sit in the mall, or in my car waiting on my wife, or at work on break, etc. and play these games, watch a cool movie, or listen to my CD's, or even show off my family pictures just blows my mind.When I get a baseball and Wrestling game I will be in gaming Heaven.

Now for some reason there is no USB cord! This annoyed my until I figured out that my digital camera USB cord works! I have pics and music downloaded on the 256MB card I also picked up with my credit.

I also bought a hard carrying case which is stainles steel looking and locks solidly, as well as the car charger so my PSP was fully charged on my way home from the mall.

If you don't have the cash, or don't want a portable PS2 then by all means don't feel badly about not having one. But if you can swing it I highly...HIGHLY suggest picking this thing up ASAP.

I will sell my Game Cube yet to get more cash for PSP items. I will keep my PS2 for now, at least until the PS3 comes out. I am hoping some cool PS2 and PSP type of games come out. That will be pretty cool if so.

This was EASILY worth the two systems I have sold or am selling to more easily afford it.

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