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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by Theognome, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    My favorite is Allison - I love her voice and her (apparent) genuineness.

    Flamboyant though he may be, I actually like Adam. He is unique and though his take on Ring of Fire was utterly bizarre, I kind of liked it; his vocals were the best of the night. And he seems like a nice guy - doesn't take himself too seriously.

    That said, I think Danny will likely win, which is fine with me. This Top 10 (after tonight) is the most competitive in a long time...
  2. ReformedWretch

    ReformedWretch Puritan Board Doctor

    -Adam, just fyi is a flamboyant (flaming) homosexual and I though that Ring of Fire was one of the most horrid things I've ever heard.

    -I like Allison a lot but she should have done Tanya Tucker as she pretty much sounds like her!

    -Megan sounded good in my opinion but her dress was way too sensual even though not revealing. I'd buy a CD of hers in a minute.

    -No one should try and cover Carrie Underwood. in my opinion Carrie is one of the best singers I've ever heard and anyone else trying to do her songs sounds bad to me.
  3. Craig

    Craig Puritan Board Senior

    I really, really didn't think Gokey performed well last top it off, the song is just plain sappy.

    Matt G was the best...followed by Chris Allen, then Anoop...I mostly agreed with Bill...except on Danny Gokey...his performance was pretty lame.

    I really hope Scott goes tonight. I'm convinced he's just a charity case at this point. He plays the piano well, but his vocals are just alright, and as a judge noted, this is supposed to be a singing competition.
  4. ReformedWretch

    ReformedWretch Puritan Board Doctor

    Scott is getting by almost completely on sympathy and it annoys me.
  5. Kim G

    Kim G Puritan Board Junior

    I disagree. I always enjoy Scott's performances. I don't like "performers" with their contorted facial expressions, huge voices, mega riffs, etc. Scott's voice is soothing and his piano playing is beautiful. He doesn't have as strong a voice as many of the other contestants, but I actually like that. I can imagine going to one of his concerts and thoroughly enjoying a classy evening of heartfelt music. If I went to a concert with most of the others, I'd be stabbing my ears out halfway through because I couldn't take any more loud notes or screeching vocals.
  6. ReformedWretch

    ReformedWretch Puritan Board Doctor

    It's cool if you like him, don't get me wrong, but if you listen to the judges you can tell their tone with him, and their words, are completely toned down and easy going even if they didn't like his performance.

    I also believe there were better singers cut by the judges in Hollywood.
  7. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    As I posted last night, Alexis was in trouble... I'll admit that in her last performance, she put more into the song- and had she done that last night, she may not be going home. I was surprised to see Michael in the bottom three, and just as surprised to see Megan not in it. Does she have Sanjaya syndrome?

  8. raekwon

    raekwon Puritan Board Junior

    I think that the blind guy is this year's Sanjaya.
  9. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Maybe Sanjaya's been breeding this season...

  10. tdowns

    tdowns Puritan Board Junior


    Who is going tonight?

    Tough call I think...

    Blind guy finally blew it...enough for full criticism.

    I blew it by seeing gross pics of Adam online, which is a shame, because his performance was killer last night.

    I still like Tattoo girl.

    Oil Rig is a great personality, but...blew it.

    Loved the first performance of the night.

    Still loving 16 year old.

    I don't get Snoop dog india at all....good voice, but....

    If I had to pick, I'd say Oil Rigger has to go.

    As you can tell, I'm real good with the names.:)
  11. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Mike (oil rig guy) blew it, but I think Megan (tattoo girl) blew it far worse. I think Megan and Mike will be in the bottom 3, and possibly Scott- he just sounded strange on that song. Adam gave probably the best performance of the season so far.

  12. Michael Doyle

    Michael Doyle Puritan Board Junior

    Adam, far and away seperated himself from the pack last night. I hate to say it because I am not a fan.

    Danny was average last night when he needed to be sensational. :(
  13. tdowns

    tdowns Puritan Board Junior

    I agree...

    Megan blew it worse, but, I think, she's a little more interesting, as far as, what "can" she do in future shows....Oil Rig, is what he is, great singer, but, I don't see him bringing anything new, time to head off and start his country career....we need at least a few girls on there....I think Blondie from last week should of stayed.

    Piano man, can do great on right night, right song.

    I think showdown with Adam and 16 year old, and if Adam comes out in public, repenting of his ways, I'll support him, otherwise, I'm going with the 16 year old.
  14. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    It's too bad Mike went. I did like him, and hope he has a successful career in Country music from here.

    I still can't understand why Megan is still in this, unless it's pure Sanjaya syndrome. But thankfully, Scott was bottom three tonight, so there is some hope for reality...

    ...Except for Matt's appearance there. That made no sense at all. What is wrong with people (besides the obvious)?!?

  15. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    Was it just me or was Wednesday night's result show really bizarre? Between Megan "cawing" with her strange facial expressions and Lady GaGa's performance I was a little bewildered. Here are my Top 8 right now...

    1. Adam Lambert - most original performer, vocals always strong

    2. Allison Iraheta - most underpraised by the judges

    3. Kris Allen - dark horse comes on stronger every week

    4. Danny Gokey - his style is getting a little stale and boring, but still strong vocally

    5. Matt Giraud - keeps stumbling, but has loads of potential

    6. Lil Rounds - most overpraised by the judges

    7. Anoop Desai - needs to have a "breakout" evening or he'll be gone soon

    8. Scott McIntyre - seems like a nice guy, but he has the weakest voice
  16. Grace Alone

    Grace Alone Puritan Board Senior

    I agree with most of your comments. Your top 4 are my top 4.
  17. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Other than swapping spots between Allison and Matt, I also agree.

  18. Webservant

    Webservant Puritan Board Sophomore

    Before I comment, I want to say I am one of the more musically open-minded people that I know. I was in a band for a few years (even did a CD). That being said, Lambert's "Ring of Fire" was the most self-indulgent, flagrantly queer thing I have ever seen. It was vandalism. Cash must have spun in his grave.
  19. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    I do agree, but at the same time you must admit that, for someone selling himself to a self-indulgent, flagrantly queer (or queer supporting) audience, he gave them exactly what they wanted.

    Don't forget- Who did the people listen to- Jeremiah, or Hananiah?

  20. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    I'm usually pretty homophobic, but I didn't really find that song to be particularly gay. It was definitely dramatic and a very different take on the original, but at the time I wasn't thinking, Wow, this version of the song is really gay. Maybe I just don't have good sensitivity to that sort of thing. Even so, Adam has an amazing voice and always brings something new and interesting with his interpretation the song.
  21. Webservant

    Webservant Puritan Board Sophomore

    I agree - and that's why he's gonna win. It doesn't matter if it's good - it matters if it sells.

    -----Added 4/3/2009 at 10:41:55 EST-----

    Well, it had nothing to do with homophobia since I am not homophobic. Even Randy Travis had a puzzled look - and it was because what Lambert did wa not music. It was performance art at best.
  22. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    You're probably right - and since you have a music background I take your word for it. I guess my point is that it didn't strike me as particularly gay. I can certainly understand why some people didn't like it though...
  23. Grace Alone

    Grace Alone Puritan Board Senior

    I certainly didn't like his version of "Ring of Fire", but the fact is, the contestants are repeatedly told to "make the songs their own". I didn't have any thought about him being gay until I read this thread today. I thought of him as some kind of grunge rocker.
  24. Kim G

    Kim G Puritan Board Junior

    He's gay. There are absolutely :barfy: pictures of him on the internet. His "musical theater" background is in gay theater (some of his stuff is on YouTube). He's definitely not ashamed of his lifestyle.
  25. Grace Alone

    Grace Alone Puritan Board Senior

    Thanks, Kim. At least I know not to search for pictures of him on the internet.

    As sad as it makes me to hear it, I certainly didn't think he was a believer, so it still puts him in the same category as all unbelievers. His sin is no more offensive to God than mine and needs the same grace and forgiveness.
  26. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    What Danny Gokey SHOULD have sang

    [ame=]YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - The River[/ame]

    Come on, he could have done any song from 1980, and he chose some weird version of Stand By Me????
  27. Beth Ellen Nagle

    Beth Ellen Nagle Puritan Board Senior

  28. Whitefield

    Whitefield Puritan Board Junior

    Springsteen? :rolleyes:... spare me

    -----Added 4/7/2009 at 08:45:30 EST-----

    There must be some kind of mental or talent block when one tries to sing a song from the year of one's birth.
  29. Grace Alone

    Grace Alone Puritan Board Senior

    If we can disregard lifestyle choices, I still have to say that Adam is the best singer of that bunch.
  30. ReformedWretch

    ReformedWretch Puritan Board Doctor

    I suspected Adam was gay from his audition, and in my opinion I think he sings that way. He's talented but he honestly sounds like a drag queen singing (a man singing as a woman). I hate it.
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