the origin of pauls religion by j gresham machen

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  1. pem

    pem Puritan Board Freshman

    Purchased last month on amazon for £11 ; The origin of Pauls Religion (james sprunt lectures delivered at union theological seminary in virginia) by J Gresham Machen is a valuable weapon against the heresies of the New perspectives on Paul which is rife in the church today. Originally published in 1921 , it has now been re-printed (digitally remastered) by Forgotten Books :: 484,473 Free Books, World's Largest Online eBook Library in 2012 . A must buy for serious students and layfolk alike
  2. Puritan Sailor

    Puritan Sailor Puritan Board Doctor

    It is an excellent book. It helped me a lot when I was first confronted by liberal interpretations of Paul.
  3. Wayne

    Wayne Tempus faciendi, Domine.

    Just spotted this in the AM:

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