"The Passion of the Christ"

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[quote:8b16ef0e8d] Lots of good stuff edited for brevity [Contra_Mundum] [/quote:8b16ef0e8d]

Thanks, I will certainly agree with you here. I hope to know the exact falsehoods regarding the "Passion" That I will have to refute when everybody at work sees this movie. Thats about the only reason I can think of to go, if I even do. I just get irked knowing someone has a head full of misinformation they think to be true and I may be able to set it straight yet will have to let the lies fester in their heads.

Very frustrating. Its almost like I am compelled to see it just for that reason, but something tells me not to see it.

Still praying on this.


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[quote:b597976c3c][i:b597976c3c]Originally posted by Contra_Mundum[/i:b597976c3c]
[quote:b597976c3c]Can the gospel only be preached verbally or in written form?[/quote:b597976c3c]
The Gospel cannot be extrapolated from what it is, The [i:b597976c3c]Word[/i:b597976c3c] of God, the [i:b597976c3c]Word[/i:b597976c3c] of Christ (Rom. 10:17).

"Word", "written", "message preached". Paul is talking about one thing, not a plethora of things.

What IS preaching? Is it just anything? Is a film-maker a preacher? No, he is a maker of visual "statements" (an intentional, ironic oxymoron). Preaching as the Bible defines it is the verbal, authoritative declaration of a message--intended for the minds of the hearers--from the mind of the Authority, conveyed by his Agent.

[quote:b597976c3c]Would it be possible to make a movie that accurately portrays the sacrifice of Jesus and to tell of the Gospel correctly? Or is it to be oral or written only?[/quote:b597976c3c]
Preaching necessarily involves reduction--reduction of God's thoughts to the level of our own. But this is an Authorized reduction, one God has promised to bless.
The nature of Film-making is also reductionistic. E.g., this film [i:b597976c3c]reduces[/i:b597976c3c] 12 hours of Jesus earthly life (plus flashbacks), and his two-natured person, into 2 hours of flickering celuliod. I don't remember that Authorization.

[quote:b597976c3c]Would any movie about the Gospel (even one that accurately tells the story) be considered heretical?[/quote:b597976c3c]
Will such a movie contain elements that are forbidden by Scripture? That is the only question. The world is full of beautiful things, powerful "statements", emotionally and aesthetically compelling stuff. Some of it is pleasing to God, some of it is not. Rembrandt, the Dutch painter, was certainly culturally (if not spiritually) impacted by the Reformation. He experimented with ways to visually depict biblical history without offending the Reformed church millieu in which he lived. That included ways of showing events in the life of Jesus without portrayals of the divine person. He did not always so refrain, but its interesting that he tried.

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GREAT ANSWER!!!! Very good indeed.



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[quote:3985c3f6f1][i:3985c3f6f1]Originally posted by wsw201[/i:3985c3f6f1]
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