The Pilgrims Progress

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I just aquired this new printing of the Pilgrims Progress from Solid Ground Christian Books. I am going to reread this book for the 4th time. I need some lighter reading time. LOL


THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS: The 1891 Edition with 170 Illustrations

This beautiful edition of Bunyan's classic THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS contains dozens and dozens of engravings that enhance the value of the masterpiece. This volume has been produced with the utmost care to recreate the original edition as it was. This is a project of a local church in Birmingham, Alabama and is truly a labor of love.

"I have been collecting editions of 'The Pilgrim's Progress' for 25 years and this is undoubtedly my favorite. It is a faithful reprint of an 1891 edition. The cover is a work of art. The 170 illustrations inside are beautifully done and very helpful to visualize what Bunyan has in print. This oversize book is great to gather the family around and read together. The education of a child is not complete until they have read this complete edition of Bunyan's immortal work."

- Pastor Mark Liddle, Dominion Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

JOHN BUNYAN [1628-1888] was C. H. Spurgeon's favorite author and his legendary work, THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, is the most popular book ever written apart from Holy Scripture. Spurgeon loved reading and re-reading this work, claiming to have read it over 100 times!many times with his wife reading it to him in afternoon relaxation and meditation. He often quoted Bunyan in his sermons declaring, "Though his writings are charmingly full of poetry, yet he cannot give us his Pilgrim's Progress, that sweetest of all prose poems, without continually making us feel and say, 'Why, this man is a living Bible!' Prick him anywhere, his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him. He cannot speak without quoting a text, for his very soul is FULL of the Word of God."

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Seems to be a very neat addition. I just acquired a second version of this book myself at church on Sunday. I might think about grabbing this one aswell!

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Its a pity that John Bunyan's other books were not as widely known as the Pilgrim's Progress is; my personal favourite is Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ. :bunyan:

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I could not resist, had to buy one myself. Peer pressure I guess, and it helps that I was slipped some extra cash from some folks for the season. Might as well put it to good use. Actually, though, I have never had a good edition of the pilgrim, mine have always been ragged and falling apart. It will be nice to crack open a nice crisp fresh one, it should go down smooth.
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