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Today I was reading in John 6 and later while thinking on this passage, I was struggling to describe what took place. Initially, I was thinking about how patient Jesus was with the unbelievers in the crowd, but the more I thought about it the less sure I was of that assessment. I am really struggling to find the word that describes Jesus' attitude to the unbelieving multitude and I am wondering if anyone could supply me with a better word or perceptive to describe it.
Jesus' teaching is often both too rich and too nuanced to describe its tone well in just a word or two. In addition, he's so very good at addressing the particular heart issues of particular listeners that he'll often switch his tone from one listener to another. In John 6, we have both very meaty material and multiple groups of listeners (the crowd, the Jews, the disciples), so that I'm hard pressed to summarize Jesus' attitude succinctly.

I do think verse 15 is key to the dynamic between him and the crowd. They've decided to make him their king by force. That is, they're more interested in using him to help with their plan than they are in getting on board with his plan. Given this, he seems incredibly patient to me, while at the same time absolutely adamant that understanding and following his agenda rather than theirs is critical. There's no compromise or second-best idea entertained. He's blunt and uncompromising, yet continues graciously to teach.

How's that for a start? I too am interested in the question. Other thoughts?
How amazing is our Lord! I was just throwing it around in my head and it is just mind blowing. The disrespect the crowd shows to Him, yet His patience and sternness. Thank you for your input.
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