The prophetic schools of the OT and where "prophets" came from

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I am intrigued by the office of prophet in the OT. Jeremiah was one prophet against many false prophets. Where did all these prophets come from? In Nehemiah 6 (?) he visits a prophet but rejects the message. By what authority were these prophets, prophets. I also realise that the scriptures accommodate themselves to the common usage of the word.

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I take them have their origin as "The Sons of the Prophets"
They seem to have come from Bethel 2Ki 2:3

1Ki 20:35
2Ki 2:3
2Ki 2:5
2Ki 2:7
2Ki 2:15
2Ki 4:1
2Ki 4:38
2Ki 5:22
2Ki 6:1
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