The Roar of the Lions

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Donald Wehmyer

Puritan Board Freshman
I was wondering if someone with graphic arts skills can do something with the following words.

Christians can always hear
The roar of the lions
Yet they live with grace and well-being.
What is potential
Never conquers
What is certain
The eternal love of the Christ the Lord.

Blessings to you my brothers and sisters.
Wonderful. This looks fantastic. I am not sure about the punctuation. My thinking is that
what is certain, the eternal love of the Christ, the Lord. Or maybe change to, the eternal love of Christ the Lord.

What sounds better to you?
Awesome. I really apppreciate your work.
I have printed a copy and posted it on my wall.

By the way my daughters are married and live in Witchita Falls, Tx.
You all are kinda neighbors.

Let me know if I can do anything for you.

I would remove the commas after "hear" and "grace" and change the semi-colon (after "certain") to a colon.
Just my :2cents:
But, then again, I know very little of poetic construction, so...
I think you are right. I appreciate your help.
I was trying to share that excessive, paralyzing or hysterical fear almost always comes from too much focus on the potentials.
Do you think this is somewhat successful?

By the way I am pastor in Southern Mexico with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. I looked up the Timothy Two Project - looks like an excellent ministry.

Not open for further replies.