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is greased me thinks. First SanFran then others now, Multnomah County (Portland OR) has determined that OR state law allows same sex marriage and are issuing licenses.

Their attorney determined this and they have sent letters to all counties telling them they should do the same.

They have left out public input in the decision as well as one commissioner that was unaware of the move.

Our law if interpreted that way is wide open to poligamey the way it is written.

At least Lot chose to live in Sodom, but many of us are seeing it built up around us :shocked2:


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[quote:37e3658088][i:37e3658088]Originally posted by Visigoth[/i:37e3658088]
Polygamy is not as bad as homosexuality. [/quote:37e3658088]

Well, while polygamy may not engender the same visceral reaction of disgust as homosexuality, regarding marriage both are a perversion of the covenant relationship between Christ and His bride that the biblical union between man and wife typifies.

God help us.


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[quote:a4a45de6c1][i:a4a45de6c1]Originally posted by turmeric[/i:a4a45de6c1]
Awaiting angelic visitor advising immediate relocation outside area of predicted firestorm... [/quote:a4a45de6c1]
It will more likely be an earthquake which plummets the Left Coast into the ocean :no:
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