The song of Ethan, Psalm 89, a duet about mercy

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The song of Ethan, Psalm 89, a duet about mercy

Asaph, hand picked by David to be his chief musician led the way. Asaph, the Cymbal player, a depressed percussionist if ever there was one, sang his songs with more chapters of the Bible that Peter or James. Songs of faith struggling with disappointment. Asaph had seen the ups and downs of Saul, David and Solomon and though his disappointment in men held on. He says to tell the next generation 'Hope in God'

The sons of Korah joined in. Yes they were from a less than honorable past. Korah, his name means baldy and he would not come under the cover of Moses authority and committed insurrection against God's holiness. The earth swallowed his and all his up... all... almost all his with him... but 'some of the son's of Korah did not die' They became bouncers in the temple, in a grand plan of God showing mercy, they would protect God's holiness and write songs of deliverance from the grave where it would be better, better to be one day in God’s house than a thousand elsewhere.
The Priests and Levites sang their Psalms in Books 2 and 3. Psalm 88 is sung, a song to Jeduthan,
Ps 88 the most bleak, perseverance in prayer yet the only lament that doesn't resolve itself in some upturn of hope, rather darkness.

Now, Psalm 89 will be the last and most strange in the dark book of the Psalms, Book three. The song of Ethan. A duet. No ordinary duet, but a vision of a duet between father and son. No ordinary father and no ordinary son.

The Son begins.
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever.
Your faithfulness is to all generations
Promises to David
Promises you will never break

The Father joins.
I have made a covenant with David...and will never no never break it.
I have sworn to David
His seed, not seeds, will be established forever

The Son continues.
The heavens are in wonder of your wonders
The faithful agape of your faithfulness
Who is like you
The floor under your throne is righteousness and justice
steadfast love and faithfulness are your orchestra
Your color palette is faithfulness; you have faithfully said the seed, not seeds, of the woman will crush the head of the serpent As preview, you crushed that dragon Egypt in the sea. Your mighty arm strikes your enemies and they fly everywhere.

The Father continues
You will be wrapped in my faithfulness
Who is like the son of David?
He will be My firstborn, my son.
I will make him the highest king of the earth
and he? He shall cry to me, 'Dad'.
I have indeed said the seed, not seeds, of the woman will crush the head of the serpent and the seed, not seed, of David will rule forever. I have said it again.
Durable and aerial, my right hand will act as his scaffolding.
The sun and moon are my notaries.

The Son laments
Yet, I am forsaken
My crown is thrown to the ground,
Rejected, scorned, plundered
You have exalted the right hand of your enemies against me
All who look upon Me mock
My crown is thrown to the ground, I have said it again
I have born the sins of your people and I am marked by their shame
My life is cut short

The father is silent.

This is not a song of defeat. This is a song of mercy. I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever
God's strong right arm is the son bared in the sight of the nations.
Called the anointed, the Messiah three times: before, during and after being forsaken. He won by losing, he was glorified by giving.

The seed of Eve will crush the serpents head. The seed of Abraham will bless. The seed of David will rule. Under the Son of God, the Messiah, mercy and faithfulness with triumph. The truth will be proved using types and shadows of what will come. Blessed be God. Amen and amen.
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Thanks Leslie. Glad you liked it.... not a good writer, but I find that reading and rereading and writing poetry helps me focus on a subject. This is my project for this week and I had a long time on the airplaine yesterday to read and reread the psalm and think about it.
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