Theonomy: A Reformed Critique

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  1. sastark

    sastark Puritan Board Graduate

    This book was mentioned in another thread. Could anyone who knows more about it please give me some details? Author, Publisher, ISBN if possible, etc.

    I am VERY interested in reading this book. Thanks in advance!
  2. Me Died Blue

    Me Died Blue Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    It was a book published in 1990 by various faculty members of Westminster Theological Seminary as a response to many of the Theonomic writings of the past few years. I may also read the book sometime if I can get a copy - but if you read it, don't neglect the book written in response to it as well.
  3. BayouHuguenot

    BayouHuguenot Puritan Board Doctor

    As a theonomist I also wanted to read it, but alas, it is out of print. However, I have heard Bahnsen's lectures on the book.
  4. crhoades

    crhoades Puritan Board Graduate

    I managed to pick my copy up used. If possible you should definitely get a copy. If you can't get one, check out a local seminary or try for an interlibrary loan.

    Here's the general information about the book along with a listing of the contents.

    Used Books at Amazon - $60.00 and up
    Theonomy: A Reformed CritiqueEdited By: William S. Barker & W. Robert Godrey
    ISBN: 0-310-52171-8
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Copyright 1990



    Part One: Theonomy and Biblical Law: Basic Considerations
    1. May we use the term "Theonomy" for our application of biblical law? Robert D. Knudsen
    2. God's law and Mosaic Punishments Today - Tremper Longman III

    Part Two: Theonomy and Biblical Theologies: Systematic Approaches
    3. Theonomy in relation to dispensational and covenant theologies - Bruce K. Waltke
    4. The One, The Many and theonomy - John Frame
    5. Effects of Interpretive frameworks on the application of the Old Testament Law - Vern S. Poythress

    Part Three: Theonomy and Covenant Continuity: New Testament Evidences
    6. The New Testament Use of the Pentateuch: Implications for the Theonomic Movement - Dan G. McCartney
    7. Is the law against the promises? The significance of Galatians 3:21 for covenant continuity - Moises Silva
    8. The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Mosaic Penal Sanctions - Dennis E. Johnson

    Part Four: Theonomy and Triumphalist Dangers: Specific Concerns
    9. Theonomy and Eschatology: Reflections on Postmillennialism - Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.
    10. Theonomy, Pluralism, and the Bible - William S. Barker
    11. The Theonomic Attraction - John R. Muether
    12. Theonomy and the Poor: Some Reflections - Timothy J. Keller.

    Part Five: Theonomy and the Reformed Heritage: Historical Connections
    13. Calvin and Theonomy - W. Robert Godfrey
    14. An Assembly of Theonomists? The teachings of the Westminster Divines on the Law of God - Sinclair B. Ferguson
    15. New England Puritans and the State - Samuel T. Logan, Jr.

    16. A Challenge to Theonomy - D. Clair Davis.

    Of course that brings up to the responses to this book. All of these can be found for free online. If the links below don't work go to the website and download the free divu reader.

    1. No Other Standard - Dr. Bahnsen. This was his direct response to the authors of this book.


    Publisher´s Preface Gary North
    1. Introduction to the Debate
    2. A Recognizable, Distinct Position
    3. Spurious Targets and Misguided Arrows
    4. Theological and Logical Fallacies
    5. Change of Dispensation or Covenant
    6. Categories of Old Testament Law
    7. Israel´s Theocratic Uniqueness
    8. Separation of Church and State
    9. God´s Law and Civil Government Today
    10. Religious Crimes, Religious Toleration
    11. Pluralist Opposition to Theonomy
    12. Autonomous Penology, Arbitrary Penology
    13. The Penal Code as an Instrument of the Covenant Community
    14. Flexibility Regarding the Penal Code
    15. What Other Standard?
    APPENDIX A: The Exegesis of Matthew 5
    APPENDIX B: Poythress as a Theonomist

    2. Theonomy An Informed Response. Collection of Essays dealing with the WTS book.


    Editor's Preface
    Editor's Introduction

    Part I: Calvinism and Theonomy
    Editor's Introduction to Part I
    1. Theonomy as an Extension of Calvinism's Judicial Theology, Gary DeMar
    2. Some Wings for Calvinism's Modern Plane, Gary DeMar
    3. Fear of Flying: Clipping Theonomy's Wings, Gary DeMar

    Part II: Covenantal Sanctions
    Editor's Introduction to Part II
    4. Westminster Seminary on Pluralism, Greg L. Bahnsen
    5. Westminster Seminary on Penology, Greg L. Bahnsen
    6. Civil Sanctions in the New Testament, Kenneth L. Gentry
    7. Church Sanctions in the Epistle to the Hebrews, Kenneth L. Gentry

    Part III: The Church
    Editor's Introduction to Part III
    8. Whose Victory in History?, Kenneth L. Gentry
    9. Whose Conditions for Charity?, Ray R. Sutton
    10. The Hermeneutics of Leviticus 19:19 - Passing Dr. Poythress' Test, Gary North
    11. A Pastor's Response, John Maphet
    Editor's Conclusion

    3. Westminster's Confession: The Abandonment of Van Til's Legacy - Gary North.
    This was North's solo response to the book. Probably the weakest of the three but still a worthwhile read.



    Chapter 1: The Question of Inheritance
    Chapter 2: Calvin's Divided Judicial Legacy
    Chapter 3: A Positive Biblical Confession Is Mandatory
    Chapter 4: A Negative Confession Is Insufficient
    Chapter 5: The Question of Law
    Chapter 6: The Question of God's Predictable Historical Sanctions
    Chapter 7: The Question of Millennialism
    Chapter 8: Sic et Non: The Dilemma of Judicial
    Chapter 9: Abusing the Past
    Chapter 10: An Editor's Task: Just Say No!

    Appendix A: H. L. Mencken's Obituary of Machen
    Appendix B: Honest Reporting as Heresy
    Appendix C: The Paralysis of the Parachurch Ministries
    Appendix D: Calvin's Millennial Confession
    Appendix E: Julius Shepherd
    Books for Further Reading

    For a great, cheap resource to buy these books as well as dipping into other theonomic literature shop here:

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