Thomas Blake on baptising all nations

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
... The words there comprise infants, they are no more excluded then men of years, serving to make up a Nation as well as parents: The Infants of Nineveh did make a considerable party of the City of Nineveh; The Infants of any Nation make up a part of the Nation; and the Nation where they came was to be discipled, And that Infants are here comprehended further appears by this argument.

In the same sense and latitude as Nation was taken in respect of the Covenant of God, when the Covenant, and Covenant-initiating-Sacrament was restrained to that one only Nation, where their Commission was first limited: In the same sense it is to be taken (unless the text express the contrary) now the Commission is enlarged. This cannot be denied of any that will have the Apostles to be able to know Christ’s meaning by his words in this enlarged Commission.

But Nation, then as is confessed did comprehend all in the Nation in respect of the Covenant, and nothing is expressed in the text to the contrary, therefore it is to be taken in that latitude, to comprehend Infants. Will it be said that an exception of Infants is implied, in that all of the Nation must be discipled before they be baptized, but Infants are not capable of being discipled, and so they are made uncapable of Baptism.

I answer, 1. Here is rather implied that they are of capacity to be Disciples, in that Christ sends to disciple Nations, and they serve to make up the nation. ...

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