Thomas Blake on infants and the Lord’s Supper

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
Nor let it be objected; That Infants then are not to be denied the Lord’s Supper, but are to be received to his table, seeing Christ is the thing signified in that Sacrament, as in Baptism.

The difference (as all may see) is wide: In this Sacrament Infants are passive, and so capable of this honour, to be taken in; In the other we are active, and Infants for that reason are incapable: They are not in capacity to perform so much as that which is outwardly sacramental: They cannot, according to the Institution take and eat, much less can they do it in remembrance of Christ: The very phrase (circumcised, baptised) is enough to difference from eating with bitter herbs, &c. as at the Passover, from communicating as at the Lord’s table, Infants are fit subjects for the one, men of growth are only fit subjects for the other: ...

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