Thomas Charles on the harmony of divine truth

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Have due respect to every truth which God has revealed in his word. — Divine truths are one consistent whole; none of which can be spared without disfiguring the beauty and symmetry of the whole system, and injuring our own souls and the souls of others, by withholding from them a truth which they need for their spiritual improvement and comfort. ...

It is a great mistake to suppose one part of the Bible to be legal, and another evangelical, as if the divine oracles contradicted themselves, — far from it; they make one complete, united, and consistent system. Every truth beautifully fills its own place. Transpose it, and it becomes useless, yea, a pernicious error. Omit it, and a vacancy is left which nothing else can supply.

If divine truths seem to us to militate against each other, the fault is in the medium through which we view them; and because we view them through a false medium, they appear contradictions to us, but are not so in themselves. We, as sinners, want them all; they were intended for our relief as such: and united together as a complete whole, they are a suitable and adequate remedy for all our miseries.

For the reference, see Thomas Charles on the harmony of divine truth.

Stephen L Smith

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Banner of Truth have been giving many spiritually encouraging quotes from Thomas Charles on their Facebook page. These convinced me to purchase the book. It includes your quote towards the end of the book.
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