Thomas Goodwin on the Trinity and salvation

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
For as there are three persons, as I have formerly shewed, who have a joint hand in that work of salvation, the subject of the gospel, so the whole story of the gospel hath three parts also, in every of which some one of them bears an especial part.

The first part God the Father had the chiefest hand in, who drew the platform of this great work, contrived it, made the motion first to his Son, as you shall see anon.

The second, God the Son, when he came down and took flesh, and, clothing himself in the habit of a servant, transacted the redemption of the world according to that draft.

As after him, when he was off the stage, came the Spirit, to apply what he had done, and all the benefits of it, whose work makes up the third part.

For the reference, see Thomas Goodwin on the Trinity and salvation.