Three exciting new titles

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Hello, everyone. We have three new titles that I think are worth sharing here.


Cruse - What Happens When We Worship

This is an excellent book to begin one's studies on Reformed worship or as a gift for someone that is curious about Reformed worship.

Covenant Theology - Edited by Guy Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, and John R. Muether

Table of Contents
Foreword (J. Ligon Duncan III)
Introduction (Guy Prentiss Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, and John R. Muether)
Part 1: Biblical Covenants
1. The Covenant of Redemption (Guy M. Richard)
2. The Covenant of Works in the Old Testament (Richard P. Belcher Jr.)
3. The Covenant of Works in the New Testament (Guy Prentiss Waters)
4. Adam and the Beginning of the Covenant of Grace (John D. Currid)
5. The Noahic Covenant of the Covenant of Grace (Miles V. Van Pelt)
6. The Abrahamic Covenant (John Scott Redd)
7. The Mosaic Covenant (J. Nicholas Reid)
8. The Davidic Covenant (Richard P. Belcher Jr.)
9. The New Covenant as Promised in the Major Prophets (Michael G. McKelvey)
10. Covenant in the Gospels (Michael J. Kruger)
11. Covenant in Paul (Guy Prentiss Waters)
12. Covenant in Hebrews (Robert J. Cara)
13. Covenant in the Johannine Epistles and Revelation (Gregory R. Lanier)
Part 2: Historical Theology
14. Covenant in the Early Church (J. Ligon Duncan III)
15. Covenant in Medieval Theology (Douglas F. Kelly)
16. Covenant in Reformation Theology (Howard Griffith)
17. Post-Reformation Developments (D. Blair Smith)
18. Covenant Theology in the Dutch Reformed Tradition (Bruce P. Baugus)
19. Covenant Theology in Barth and the Torrances (Mark I. McDowell)
20. Covenant in Recent Theology (Michael Allen)
Part 3: Collateral and Theological Studies
21. Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds to Covenants (J. Nicholas Reid)
22. Covenant and Second Temple Judaism (Peter Y. Lee)
23. Covenant in Contemporary New Testament Scholarship (Benjamin L. Gladd)
24. Israel and the Nations in God's Covenants (O. Palmer Robertson)
25. Dispensationalism (Michael J. Glodo)
26. New Covenant Theologies (Scott R. Swain)
27. Covenant, Assurance, and the Sacraments (Derek W. H. Thomas)
Afterword: Why Covenant Theology? (Kevin DeYoung)
An Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Reflection on the Covenant (John R. Muether)

This is an excellent book on Reformed Covenant Theology.

G. Vos - Reformed Dogmatics 1 vol.

I think everyone understands what this is.