"Thy Kingdom Come" - strictly an OT petition?

Discussion in 'Exegetical Forum' started by mgkortus, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. mgkortus

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    I just finished reading Samuel Miller's Thoughts on Public Prayer. In it, Miller argues that the Lord’s Prayer—especially the petition, “Thy kingdom come”—is strictly speaking a prayer adapted for the OT economy and is not entirely appropriate for the NT church (page 52). With the Heidelberg Catechism’s positive instruction on the Lord’s Prayer in mind, I disagree with this assessment. What do others think? Is this view common in Presbyterian churches?
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    I find that quite a curious allegation. Having glanced at his observations, I think it possible that he takes too much in view the "already" and not enough of the "not yet" of our kingdom possession, of the progress of Christ's advance through the world while time rolls on. Surely Miller must consent to the accuracy of the content of WLC 191 & 196, WSC 102 & 107.

    There is a plain sense (as our Standards state) in which both these petitions plead for the Kingdom of heaven/Christ to be ever more fully "come" and manifested, both before the end of this world; as well as being realized in the state of glory and perfection.

    Miller appears more interested in deploring the liturgical use of the Lord's Prayer, than in defending its private use (and Confessionally approved utility).
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