Titles Ready for Publication by the Northampton Press

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Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
The Northampton Press has 9 titles ready to go to the printers. It is just a matter of waiting on the Lord (and His people) for the funds to print them. Here they are in no particular order:

1. “Moses’s Choice,” by Jeremiah Burroughs. This is Burroughs’ massive treatment of Hebrews 11:25-26: “Moses chose to suffer affliction with the people of God rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. It has been out of print in any form since 1641. 680 pages, hardback.

2. “The Combat Between the Flesh and the Spirit,” by Christopher Love. These are Love’s 27 sermons on Galatians 5:17. Approximately 350 pages, this book has been out of print for several years.

3. “Heaven’s Glory, Hell’s Terror,” by Christopher Love. This book rebuffs those who say that hell is being separated from the presence of God. Love shows that it is the presence of God that is both the terror of hell and the glory of heaven. Approximately 350 pages.

4. “The Incomprehensibleness of God,” by Benjamin Coleman. This treatment of Job 11:7-9 by a contemporary and friend of Jonathan Edwards is one of the few things by him that were printed. 120 pages.

5. “The Sermons of Jonathan Edwards, Jr.” This book contains nearly all the material in the 2 volume edition of “The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Jr.” published in the 19th century. The son was quite the “chip off the old theological block,” and was a brilliant man in his own right. 380 pages.

6. “The Safety of Appearing on the Day of Judgment in the Righteousness of Christ,” by Solomon Stoddard. The grandfather of Jonathan Edwards, controversial for some of his writings (grossly misrepresented, in my opinion), is spot on in this masterpiece on the importance of an imputed righteousness for salvation. 300 pages.

7. “A Treatise of Self-Denial,” by Thomas Manton. Based upon Matthew 16:24: “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself,” these 19 sermons cover the subject exhaustively, as you would expect from the Puritans. 208 pages.

8. “The Man of God,” by Octavius Winslow. Here are 20 devotional sermons on 2 Timothy 3:17: “That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”
160 pages.

9. “A Spectacle Unto God,” by Don Kistler. This book tells the story of the English Puritan preacher Christopher Love. J.I. Packers says, “Stunning and heart-wrenching is the blend of sweetness, peace, love, and hope in nightmarish circumstances. This is a poignant account of victorious faith that will stir every reader.”

The late John H. Gerstner wrote: “High Calvinistic theology, meticulous discipline, and heart religion were providentially and sanctifyingly mixed together and out came Christopher Love. He had to die young.” 200 pages.

All the editorial work on these books is completed. They are ready to send to the printers as soon as funds become available. Please pray with me towards that end.

Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
Add to that list the following:

10. "The Fairest of Ten Thousand," a collection of ten sermons by Charles Spurgeon on the beauty of Christ from the Song of Solomon. 176 pages


Puritan Board Post-Graduate
Any chance of ordering from you an electronic copy of Burroughs work? I have wanted that work for some time. Perhaps even a "double order" -- you set the price and it includes the electronic version and the hard copy when it's available?
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