To The KKK – and all others of their kind

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[Note: I am not writing this to any here at PB – I have not seen even a hint of this here – but simply to get it into the wider world.]



To The KKK – and all others of their kind –

The LORD the Judge of all nations and of every man and woman says to you,

Do you call yourselves after My name, and say that My Book is your Book? Do you put your hope in Me, believing I shall separate you from the children of wrath when they follow their father, the Devil, into the Lake of Fire?

Why then do you hate Me, and curse Me, spilling My blood wherever you can, despising Me for the color of My skin? Do you not know I am the life of every brown-skinned human that has knelt before Me and become Mine? Do you not know they are flesh of My flesh and bone of My bones, that we are one spirit, and one body?

Do you not remember how I said whoever shall offend one of My little ones, it were better for him a stone were hung about his neck and he were drowned in the sea? And yet you call My little children, innocent in their years, venomous names which poison their hearts. Do you not know it is Me, their life, you call nigger, spic, redskin, and chink? Do you not know it is My life you are crushing and breaking and snuffing out? Inasmuch as you do it to the least of one of these My brothers and sisters, you do it to Me.

Have you no fear of Me, who shall add My awful wrath to your torments as you bathe in the lake of horror and pain? Do you think it a light thing to trifle with Almighty God, Lord of Heaven and Earth?

Those whom you call your Grand Dragons are but foul lizards of Hell to Me, and you their venomous brood. I tell you, unless you repent and live lives of service to My multihued brothers and sisters, horror and agony shall follow you all the days of your lives, and there shall be no mercy for you, neither in this world nor in the world to come. My sheep know My voice, and they have My Book, and My Spirit is their life. The goats of Hell I do not know, nor they Me.

* This is not a prophecy as per the Old and New Testament prophets of God, neither is it in the vein of those who hold the “charismatic gifts” continue in this day, but rather a discerning the Lord’s mind and voice according as He has revealed His heart and will to us in His Word, with that same liberty certain seers have taken, such as in Francis Thompson’s poem, “The Hound Of Heaven,” the authors of the hymns, “How Firm A Foundation,” and “‘Twas On That Night When Doomed To Know,” and some of the poems of George Herbert, etc.
There was a Klan rally near me. It was sad, only about 5 of those deluded people showed up. I am sad for them. They "worship" race. I pray they turn from that Idol. I pray blacks involved in things like New Black Panthers turn from this sin as well. We are under the "Law" of love, we cannot love our God whom we have not seen when we hate our brother whom we have seen. James is a great Epistle!
There was a little of it here. At least one of those people has been banned. If there are any others, they're not making it known.
This was something I mentioned in family worship a few days ago -- correct me if my understanding is wrong:

God divided the world not by families, but by languages. The peoples of the world, from the lines of Shem, Ham, and Japeth, all lived together in one city for several generations -- doubtless intermarrying -- until the time of the Tower of Babel. At that time God divided the languages. He did not necessarily divide the languages by families. Any anthropologist will tell you that culture origination is not innate to an ethnic group, but rather a product of many things, chiefly that group's language. A language defines what a people are. A people's ethnic characteristics were not determined by his family post-deluge either - Shem, Ham, and Japeth could not have been so different as to give rise to radically different people groups. Rather, as any geneticist will tell you, ethnic characteristics are produced by the peculiarities of the climate a person lives in and the inbreeding of mutations. All men trace back to Noah, and from thence to Adam. But their differences trace back not to Noah, but to Babel and its immediate fruits.
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