Tom Brady Retires

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For a guy who was the 199th pick in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL draft, he did alright for himself. . .
Love him or hate him, he's clearly the GOAT. When he won his sixth Super Bowl one of the sports talk hosts here in the Philadelphia area had a whole show devoted to why he's the greatest to ever play and he said, "If you call in to argue he's not, just know that what you're really saying is, 'I just don't like him.'" That's when I realized I just didn't like him but could still admit that he was the greatest and even enjoy watching him. When I watched the condensed game of that game against the Rams last week (on Monday guys!) I couldn't help but root for the come back just to see him accomplish even more crazy, legendary stuff.

I think he's done, but I did just read that he called the Tampa Bay GM and told him it's a false report and someone even speculated that Brady dropped the information to those close to him to find out who is serving as ESPN's source.
Not so fast? I'm hearing rumblings that it might not be official. His own TB12 deleted the tweet talking about his retirement.

Still, he's probably retiring this off season given the buzz around him from friends. A generational talent. He and Jerry Rice are that rare combination of extraordinary skill, drive, and longevity that puts most of those two's records out of reach.

Going to be a different NFL without him. As a Niners fan, glad to have watched him, but also good riddance ;).
One idol retires, now it moves from the head of gold to the chest and arms of silver. More idolatry to come. Meanwhile some celebrate the career and lament the occasion.
20 Years of Public Sabbath desecration and drawing others towards the same. But hey let’s celebrate, afterall he made you money on your fantasy football.
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