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Discussion in 'A capella Exclusive Psalmody' started by Braden, Mar 29, 2018.

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  1. Braden

    Braden Puritan Board Freshman

    Hey all. I really want to get into singing the Psalms of David in Metre to myself as I work, but I was wondering: are there any resources for more upbeat rhythems and patterns (not necessarily music) so that I can sing the Psalms to tunes that differ for different circumstances? This still counts as A capella because I'm only looking for music to establish rhythm not to accompany singing.

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  2. posttenebraslux83

    posttenebraslux83 Puritan Board Freshman

    If you can wait about a month, our church is currently producing a project where our goal is to record (over time) all 150 Psalms (from the 1650 Psalter) with acoustic guitar, cello and vocals. It will be available on our church's app:

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  3. Jeri Tanner

    Jeri Tanner Moderator Staff Member

    Braden, what do you mean by rhythms and patterns but not necessarily music?

    Many of the tunes found on the 1650 app, for instance, could be sung to a faster tempo (appropriateness depending on the Psalm of course).
  4. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Puritan Board Graduate

  5. Braden

    Braden Puritan Board Freshman

    I mean I tend, unless I'm given another way, to sing in really weird tunes.

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  6. Tom Hart

    Tom Hart Puritan Board Junior

    I'm not sure what you mean by "upbeat rhythm and patterns" but I would recommend the app "1650". It's been a great help to me in starting to learn the psalms, so that. In the past year or two I have memorized numerous psalms using mostly the tunes from that app.
  7. Stephen L Smith

    Stephen L Smith Moderator Staff Member

    I understand the reference was to the 1650 Scottish Psalter, not the Genevan Psalter as such. Though no doubt the Genevan Psalter would be a great blessing to use.
  8. Stephen L Smith

    Stephen L Smith Moderator Staff Member

    I can understand this. After all you good Aussies speak with weird accents :lol: :lol:
  9. Ed Walsh

    Ed Walsh Puritan Board Junior

    If you are not going public with your Psalm singing, I suggest that you at least try to make up your own tunes on the fly. It works for me. I wouldn't want anyone to hear me, but somehow I think the Lord is pleased with my attempts.

    Job 35:10
    Where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night;​
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