Update on Francis Roberts' God's Covenants - via Joseph Weissman


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Update on Francis Roberts' God's Covenants (the crown jewel of Puritan covenant theology):

Instead of publishing via Sacra Press (which would have required a heavy personal financial investment or significant fundraising), I am just going to publish via Amazon.

In general, my hope is to provide quality alternatives to (1) expensive facsimile copies from questionable publishers on Amazon, and (2) having to wait too long for some neglected Puritan works to get republished.

My aim DV is to publish this in 6 volumes, and to have the first 3 volumes ready by the end of 2023 (or earlier!).

Volume 1: covenant theology from Adam to Noah
Volume 2: the Abrahamic covenant
Volume 3: the Mosaic covenant

A little while back I ordered a prototype of Volume 1, and it came in the mail yesterday.

Once I get done with Volume 3 if the Lord wills, I'll upload the first 3 volumes to Amazon and post a link to them here for anyone inclined to purchase.


Responding to the question: "Does it have a cover yet, hardbound or cloth?"

Response from Weissman:
"I haven't designed the cover yet, so didn't post a picture of it. Amazon hardcovers are somewhat limited so it wouldn't be cloth-bound sadly. I plan to offer paperback options for $22 per volume and hardback would be around $29 per volume. Also hoping to have a Kindle option for around $10 per volume. Still playing around with prices. Amazon can also override the prices the author sets."