UPDATED BOOK: A Treatise on Irresistible Grace and Other Sermons – by John Preston (1587-1628)

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

A Treatise on Irresistible Grace and Other Sermons By John Preston (1587-1628)

John Preston D.D. (1587–1628) was an English puritan minister of the church, and master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was a firm Calvinist, practical preacher, and was highly esteemed by Richard Sibbes and Thomas Goodwin, D.D.

This volume is a compilation of six of Preston’s smaller treatises and sermons.

His first treatise concerns the doctrine of irresistible grace as a cornerstone to Christian assurance. All the letters of TULIP stand or fall together, regardless of how inconsistent some might be in understanding those five points of the doctrines of grace. In this treatise, John Preston takes to task the false teachings of the heretic James Arminius, and demonstrates the error that people can hold themselves in God’s grace, or they can work to an end of salvation in their own strength. Biblical grace is irresistible.

See the table of contents below for his other sermons and works in this updated volume.

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Table of Contents:
Meet John Preston by C. Matthew McMahon
Introduction by C. Matthew McMahon
A Treatise on Irresistible Grace
Sermon: The Pillar and Ground of the Truth
Sermon: A Sensible Demonstration of the Deity
Sermon: Exact Walking
Sermon: Samuel’s Support for Sorrowful Sinners
Sermon: The New Life

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